On Sunday, July 9, we held an exhibition at the Consell. There was also a small modeling marathon for our associates and modeling lovers.

On Saturday, March 18, the first airbrushing course was held, a basic level taught by Alberto from Qualityairbrush. It was held at the Goblin Trader store in Palma and organized by us.

This year we have decided to go to the exhibition and contest of the Asociación Ilicitana de Modelismo Estático "AIME". A positive experience that will help us make great models.

Colleagues Lucas Hernández Morey and Josep Miquel Cebrián Julio have won several prizes for their pieces submitted to the contest.

For the third consecutive year, our partners have held a static modeling exhibition in Palmanyola. Give thanks to the Palmanyola town hall, the Amics del Modelisme Estàtic de Mallorca association and the group of civil vehicles Fanàtics 1_24.

This year we have also participated in the IX Static Modeling Contest organized by A.M.M. As always, it has been possible to see the high quality of the models exhibited and the workshops given by professionals such as Selu Casanova, Tara San Pietro and the Green Stuff World team.

We are grateful that we have been awarded several awards for our work. Congratulations to Lucas Hernández, Joan Manel Manzano, Josep M. Cebrián and Andrés Fuentes who has won this year's Nobel Modeler Prize, a prize awarded by Minim Acrylics and us.

For the third consecutive year we have participated in the Mostra d'Aficions a Lluc. A success of attendance and participation in a lot of activities.

To collaborate in this year's giveaway, we are offering a free elementary airbrushing course and a fantastic airbrush as a gift. The lucky number is 1307 and you can pick it up at the iHobbies store in Palma or Manacor.

First year that we have been at the FRIKIMON fair in Palmanyola, where all enthusiasts from the world of science fiction, comics and fantasy have gathered.

On December 16 we participated in the Christmas fair in Consell. There was an exhibition of our work and a figure painting workshop for the little ones. A great success of the day.

We wholeheartedly thank to Vicençs Mates Miralles for taking these fantastic photographs.

On Sunday, May 12, an introductory course to airbrushing was held, taught by Lucas Hernández. Starting with basic airbrush control exercises and then developing a spherical figure achieving volume effects. The final result was impressive.